Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor of Sport Management, University of Isfahan


Participation in sporting activities, regardless of many benefits, associated with various risks and injuries, which coaches in this regard have the greatest potential for imposing legal liabilities toward injured athletes. This study aimed to measure the knowledge of coaches in various sport fields in Isfahan from their legal duties toward athletes. A quantitative (survey_descriptive) and qualitative (content analyzing) methods employed for analyzing the data gained from instruments. 285 coaches from various sport fields selected with stratify random sampling method and answered to a questionnaire includes 48 questions, in the form of 7 dimensions. Furthermore, 35 coaches from all of the selected sports selected by purposive sampling method, and participated in a semi-structural interview. The results indicated that coaches have sufficient knowledge in none of dimensions of legal duties. Also, gender as well as level of coaching certification have no effect on their knowledge. The coaching education system with reference of sport federations, sources of knowledge acquisition for coaches, lack of supporting from media, and generally, lack of knowledge and attention of all people involved in sport from the law issues related to sport, could affect the insufficient knowledge of coaches from the mentioned subject.


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