This journal was approved to be published with the letter of Journals Commission in Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with scientific research grant since Winter 2013. This journal was renamed from “Research in University Sports” with a scientific research grant to “Research in Educational Sports” in 2016.

“Research on Educational Sport” journal is published as to quarterlies with the priority of evaluation, review, and publication of articles in the following issues:

  • Education systems in sport
  • Learning and teaching physical education and sport sciences
  • Educational planning and management, curriculum planning, education services quality, and technology in physical education and sport sciences
  • Future studies and strategic studies in educational sport
  • Islamic foundations studies in educational sport
  • Philosophy and history of physical education and sport sciences
  • Sociology and psychology of learning and teaching in sport
  • Knowledge and social capital management in sport
  • Cultural studies in sport environments
  • Motor and sport literacy
  • Law and ethics studies in sport
  • Lifestyle and leisure time enrichment through sport
  • Sport-for-all and its promotion in the society

This journal was published quarterly and since Winter 2014, it was published in two quarters.

 According to the Inspection Commission of Local Journals and legislations of the Institute Board, 200 thousand Tomans must be paid for the acceptance of articles. This price is solely for the allocation of DOI code, edition, layout, and publication costs.

The journal is abided by international regulations of academic misuse including data manipulation, distortion, plagiarism, etc. Every kind of doubtful performance in the review process with being treated according to COPE.

Sports Sciences Institute has the full right for all the published articles while providing the right of access for the public at any cost in the website of the journal according to publication regulations with free access to all articles.

Names and emails of authors are confidential on the website and are solely used in journals of the Institute and would not be accessible for any other person or organization.