Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Student of Sport Management, University of Mazandaran

2 Assistant Professor of Sport Management, University of Mazandaran

3 Associate Professor of Sport Management, University of Mazandaran


Development of college sports has an effective role in the development of sports in the country and university students' health. Therefore, the role of universities is important for the development of sports in the country. Recognition of the background and development factors of sports at university results in students' health in addition to promoting the growth of the sport. This study aims to design a pattern for developing sport at Technical and Vocational University. Participants consisted of physical education professors and administrators at universities across the country and we have used Purposeful sampling method. Based on grounded theory approach, data were analyzed after coding. To analyze the data, the MAXQDA software was used. According to the proposed model, the development of participative management, deployment planning and management system, creating concern in the authorities, increasing financial resources, giving priority to the role of sport is affecting the development of sport at the University.


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