Document Type : Research Paper


1 Ph.D. Student of Sport Management, Farabi Compose, University of Tehran, Iran

2 Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Farabi Compose, University of Tehran, Iran

3 Associate Professor of Sport Management, University of Allame Tabatabai, Iran


The purpose of this study was Meta-analysis of studies of factors and strategies to attract people to development of sport for all in Iran the last 10 years. Therefore 37 articles published in reputable journals internal was used, as a statistical population. In this case, among the population, 17 research papers, because of shared components, the correct sampling, and statistical methods and associated quality were evaluated for meta-analysis. From their 48 common components in the 17 studies were extracted and then in terms of effect size and power statistical test components of research, 14 components entered meta-analysis software. In this study, G. Power and meta-analysis software to determine rate of effect size tests and power statistical tests of the extracted components and also Test ANOVA was used to investigated mean difference components and their prioritize. The results of effect size analysis showed that all components extracted from the research have high effect size and power test. As well as F test results showed that there is significant difference between extracted components from the papers. Factors identified, including the media and development sport for all, facilities and equipment, training and awareness, officials and planners, financial and human resources for sport for all, physical health motivation for sport, achievement motivation and treatment for Sport for all. According to the results of research, Program should be to strengthen the infrastructure of sport, Planning and design of strategy and Codification design such as the health system Evolution and status of sport and the next step take steps in seeking funding and specialist human resources.


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