Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associate Professor of Sport Management, University of Tehran

2 . Assistant Professor of Sport Management, University of Tehran kish International Campus

3 Assistant Professor of Sport Management, University of Tehran

4 PhD student of Sport Managment, University of Tehran kish International Campus


The purpose of this research was designing strategic planning of student sports federation of Islamic Republic of Iran. The research methodology was has been done based on SWOT approach according to strategic studies principles and approach to the quality and quantity of statistical research community. The research population was consisted of 65 persons including managers, professionals in the area of student sports federation were selected as statistical population and sampleand they were survey .The research is conducted based on field work, and using questionnaire and interview as the data collection tools. The needed information is collected by using 2 close and open questionnaires and also interview with members of research population in numbers of theoretical saturation in purpose of achieving research objectives anddetermining mission statement, vision, strengths, weaknesses, opportunitiesandthreats. The collected information was summarized in 5 strengthens, 7 weaknesses, 7 opportunities and 6 threats by method delfi, after debating in strategic councilmeeting. By utilizing of the table of internal factors evaluation and table ofexternal factors evaluation and necessary calculation, the strategic situation of the federation was recognize in Conservative condition. Then by using SWOT analysis, 6 SO strategies, 2 WO strategies, 3 ST strategies and one WT strategy (totally 12 strategies) have been obtained. The identified strategies were prioritizedby utilizing Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM).


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