Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Ilam University

2 M.A Sport Management, Ilam University


The present study intended to Desigining and Codification a Strategic Plan for Development of Eductional Sport at Ilam University by Using the SWOT and QSPM Model. This research is descriptive-analytical and functional. The statistical population of study included coaches, authorities of the student sports committees, directors, experts, active Students in sports and professors of the department of sport sciences of Ilam University, totally 68 people. To determine the sample, we used All the numbers sampling and the whole society was chosen as a sample. The authors have developed a questionnaire, as an instrument, based on exploratory study and rewriting similar foundations and studies. Validity of this instrument was confirmed by experts (content validity). The reliability of the instrument was also proved as suitable (Ra= 0.92). To analyze the data and the suitable strategies, friedman test, weighting method, and external (2/53) and internal (2/48) factors evaluation matrix and internal and external matrix (IE) were utilized. data analysis led to identifying 10 strengths, 10 weaknesses, 10 opportunities, 11 threats and 19 strategies (5 SO strategies, 5 WO strategies, 4 ST strategies and 5 WT strategies). Also according to internal factors matrix (2.48) and external factors matrix (2.53), the strategic condition of the educational sport at Ilam University is in WO region. the results of SWOT analysis show that weaknesses overcome strengths and opportunities over threats, so conservative strategies (Includes internal maintenance and support) should be used.


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