Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Bojnord, Bojnord

2 Ph.D. of Sport Management, University of Shomal, Amol


The purpose of this study was to designing the strategic model for the development of student sport in schools in North Khorasan province. The research method is developmental and the data base method and qualitative analysis were used to realize the research goals. All of the teachers, expert teachers, and administrators of student-athletic organizations form the statistical population of the study. Due to the qualitative research, 21 people were selected as statistical sample using snowball sampling technique. Data analysis was done based on the analysis of the fundamental data theory through open, axial and selective coding. According to the results of research, human resources, financial resources, space and equipment, training and extracurricular curriculum as causal, managerial, cultural-social, media and technology factors, sport-science as contextual and financial, political, economic factors. And administrative issues were identified as intervening conditions and in various areas (structural development, managerial measures, human resource development, revenue development, space and equipment development, cultural development and development of extracurricular programs) student development strategies. The findings also showed that the development of student sport will have consequences for educational, religious, moral and educational consequences, economic and professional education, science and technology, social, biological and physical education, aesthetic and artistic. As a result, human resource development has become one of the strategies of student sport development, It is suggested to improve managers' familiarity with management skills by planning for specialized training courses and training of specialists to enter the student sports sector.


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