Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD student of Sport Management - Marketing and Media Management, University of Tehran

2 Associate Professor, Department of Sport Management, University of Tehran

3 Professor of Sport Management, Faculty of Physical Education, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

4 Assistant Professor of Sport Management, University of Tehran, kish International Campus


Attention to the development and expansion of student sport plays an important role in ‎enhancing student participation in sport, developing athletic talent, and promoting a healthy ‎and active lifestyle. Student sporting events, despite their high advertising potential, do not ‎receive much financial support. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the role of ‎financial support in promoting the status of student sport in Iran and presenting a model of ‎sport financial support in student sport events.‎
A researcher-made questionnaire based on the three-branch analysis model (Mirzaei ‎Ahrangani) was divided into three groups of structural, behavioral and contextual factors ‎based on Likert's 5-point scale. Face validity, construct validity and reliability of the ‎questionnaire (Cronbach's alpha 0.9) were confirmed. Statistical population was sponsors, ‎coaches and sport authorities of the country which completed 254 questionnaires.‎
The results showed, respectively, structural dimensions: marketing, information technology, ‎legal and legal systems (0.984), context: political-managerial, mass communication (0.965) ‎and behavioral: educational-managerial, sport promotion Student (0.960) is effective in ‎sponsoring student sport events. Therefore, the adoption of governor laws, ongoing ‎communication with organizations, and empowering student-athletes in marketing will play ‎an important role in attracting financial support.‎


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