Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty Member of Sanabad Golbahar Higher Education Institute

2 Physical education teacher in Mashhad, master's student of Sanabad Golbahar Institute of Higher Education


The purpose of this study was to identify and prioritize the promoting and inhibiting factors in the development of extracurricular volleyball in girls' schools in Mashhad. The method of the present study was applied and exploratory and mixed. The statistical population of this research was separate in the qualitative and quantitative sections. In the qualitative section, the studied subjects included professors of sports management and volleyball experts (coaches, veterans and volleyball activists in the field of education and sports directors of education in Mashhad). The sampling method in the interview was snowball method (12 interviews) until the data reached theoretical saturation and in the Q questionnaire section it was targeted (26 people). The statistical population of the quantitative part of the research to complete the Q questionnaire included the upper spectrum along with physical education teachers of Mashhad and volleyball experts (coache, player, referee, etc.). Q methodology and factor rotation of the matrix and varimax rotation were used to analyze the research data in SPSS software environment.The findings showed that 5 mental models in the promoting factors and 6 mental models in the hindering factors are involved in the development of extracurricular volleyball in secondary schools. Finally, according to the inhibiting factors, suggestions such as contracting with other organizations, holding more competitions in schools and using specialized volleyball halls to hold classes, and according to the promoting factors, suggestions such as more advertising, holding in public places and The use of talented and honorary students in holding classes were presented.


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