Document Type : Research Paper



The purpose of this study was designing Strategic plan of Physical Education Office of Shahrood University. The research method is analytical – descriptive. The statistical sample of this research was (n=35) including, student associate principal of university, physical education staff, Physical Education professors and experienced coaches who selected by purposive sampling. For collecting the data were used of review literature and documents, interviews, questionnaire, surveys, forms for determining strategic issues and strategic meetings. The validity of SWOT questionnaire approved by several professors of sport management and experts and reliability confirmed according to Cronbach's alpha (α=0.92). For analyzing the data, descriptive statistics, Friedman test, Internal and External factor matrixes, SWOT analyzing based on intuition and brainstorming were used to strategies developing. Results this research showed Physical Education Office of Shahrood University has 8 strengths, 9 weaknesses, 7 opportunities, and 8 threats. Accordingly, subjects such as mission statements, vision statements, and long - terms objectives, core values, strategic situation, strategies and plans were determined. Also, the analysis of internal and external matrix showed this office located in defensive (WT) strategic position. Seems the most important reasons for this undesirable situation to be lack of strategic plan for University sports development in Physical Education Office of Shahrood University.


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